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 1301 3rd St South Naples Fl 34102   Call us: 800 747 BETH (2384)   Facetime us: 239 910 2711

About Us

Beth Mone` has been a seller of fine children’s clothing for over 50 years.  We specialize in  Florence Eiseman. We carry and sell more than any other store.  Our sales staff is experienced and ready to help.  Never hesitate to contact us. We have added Shop Live to our website. Shop Live gives you the ability to shop our store live.  It's open from 10am to 5pm ET.

We're located in the 3rd St. South area of Naples Fl.  Beth Mone` has an established tradition of providing timely and classic selections to parents and grandparents from everywhere in the world.

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in children’s clothing. Our staff is well versed in fitting our various selections.  We can help you with sizing, color, and wardrobe coordination.

Beth Mone`is built on customer service and fine apparel. We want you to be happy.

Have a question and need an answer you can email us at or call us during regular business hours (Monday thru Saturday 10 - 5 Eastern and Sundays in Season from 12 until 5pm) at 1 800 747 BETH.

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